The values, the 'Identity and Mission

"PietrAngolare" is a name that has not been chosen at random.
For us, the founding members is the system of values, our identity, what we have firmly headed in the definition of the Mission.

"The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone" See. Mc 12,1-12; Psalm 117

The expression "pietrAngolare" takes us back to ancient words, the Bible, full of wisdom and history.
Behind the terms "Cornerstone" generations of men and women have perceived the whole tragedy of the waste and, at the same time, the beauty of ' be chosen as creatures worthy of VALUE.
Some fundamental points at the base of our project are described below:

  • As part of our cooperative disability is not a label, a distillate of prejudices, which often causes the individual to a mere biological survival, but it constitutes the backbone of the cooperative itself.
    Through the "diversity different" they are created real artwork.

  • In the context of "pietrAngolare" working the stone, as old as the current element. The stone is cut, modeled, scratched, polished, processed and protected.
    These steps have certainly strong analogies with our lives.
    It could be said that the stones that work represent ourselves!
    All of us, we need to be chosen, cut, molded, scratched, polished, processed, protected.
    Those who work the stone needs care, as well as the sculptor takes care of his piece of stone.

  • Being scratched, carved, cut, it involves a considerable personal cost ... but the result is extraordinary
    What we admire to finished work, is the BEAUTY.

    Every human being generates substance and assume the guise of "work" from a shapeless mass.

    Every human being is scratched, honed by life itself.
    Every human person pay their own modeling.
    Every human being has the opportunity to be the essence of beauty.

    Thus, the stone and the one who works, "stone", are identified.

    For us, "pietrAngolare" is everything!

Our Identity ...

The social cooperative "pietrAngolare" was born in 2014 as a joint project and a summary of our members.
An analysis, supported by our deepest values, it has led to the development of a growing awareness of the need to implement, not just processes social inclusion and employment of people with discomfort, but also of empowerment through the promotion and protection of a culture that does not look at the person as a recipient of assistance, but as a resource and as the author of the affirmation of their human energy and potential unexplored.
Our primary goal is to try to look for new opportunities for customized training, integrated with work in the service of a social project, experimenting with the creation of jobs.
Jobs, built on basic assumptions and renewed, based on the promotion of a culture of respect for 'otherness.
The cooperative employs coordinated intervention of our members: a professional team, made ​​up of a psychologist, a sociologist, tutors motivational and a master mosaic.
All together we work to training, socialization and problem-solving; proposing intervention strategies and support the activities of our organization.

The Mission
Mission of "pietrAngolare" is to experiment with innovative work inclusion for disadvantaged groups through training and acquisition of skills on the job, production and socialization within an "artistic laboratory protected".
The project aims to develop, with targeted and customized, the psychological, physical and relational subjects diversabili, and above all give to each of them, the opportunity to be recognized and valued for himself through work activities, educational and employment that enable the achievement of the dignity of work, so that everyone can contribute the human and moral growth of the social context in which they live.

The Artistic Laboratory Protected "A ston either singular"

The art workshop protected brainchild of research a "space" innovative and efficient in that you can create jobs and trigger all those values ​​that lead to the development and social and labor inclusion of people living disability and disadvantage.

Based on the assumption difficult to establish the link between Sector Profit and non-profit sector, our project comes to its realization thanks to the sensitivity and the full sharing of Mondial Granit SpA, a leading company at the international level, it is about the business side that about social responsibilities.

The Mondial Granit SpA, through its visionary founder and Chief Executive, Giovanni Leonardo damsel, shall provide the basic elements of the project, such as, a modern production facility, futuristic machinery, equipment, qualified personnel in the start-up phase, supervision, and entrusted its management to the social cooperative "pietrAngolare", creating a new model of ethical development.

The quality elements related to the context, allowing a comfortable working environment, reserved spaces in which every person can create a workspace according to their aptitudes and in which are provided every possible means in order to be able to coordinate in the operation.

As part of the sheltered workshop, which currently is the only experience in Sicily, the productive sectors that the team "pietrAngolare" offers are mainly three.

  • specializing in the manufacture of modern and ancient marble, hard stones, terracotta, enamel, glass tesserae, according to the most ancient manual techniques. Using the above techniques are realized, floor mosaics, wall mosaics, modern mosaics, religious, religious art and furnishings.

  • marble and granite, through the power of the CNC machine "Futura".

  • playback high definition photographic images and written on marble, granite, glass and porcelain, through micro-incision and using "Photograb". Technology to deliver high fidelity to the original and high-expressiveness of the figures.

Social inclusion work

As part of the social cooperative "pietrAngolare" action guidance is intended to identify the personal experiences / professional aptitudes, interests, work values ​​and motivation of the disadvantaged (disabled). The evaluation of these aspects facilitates the selection process and the inclusion in training programs related to the mosaic, placements and manufacturing processes. Appropriate integration inevitably increases self-awareness, self-esteem and sense of self-sufficiency. The person selected may also take advantage of a range of skills and a useful life event to your path re-education and social and work inclusion.

The guidance includes:

  • talks of welcoming and taking charge, which provides information on the project, on the objectives and activities provided by the same. During this phase you acquire an initial knowledge of the person and of his experience, his training and professional career.
  • meetings for the definition of basic skills, cross and professional of each, with the recognition of skills and personal resources;
  • interviews on the subject of educational and professional choices, aspirations, employability;
  • producing an annual report which summary document prepared dall'orientatore for each participant.
To accomplish the task, counselors make use of tools such as aptitude tests, sheets of self-analysis, skills assessment and interviews.

The training time for each person vary depending on the skills acquired previously. A candidate who already have the expertise in the area of ​​the mosaic will still attend the training course held by the master mosaicist of the cooperative "pietrAngolare".

Training, therefore, can vary from three months to over one year, according to the specificities of the mosaic to be treated.

During the training the master mosaic provides all the information necessary for working mosaic art and craft, such as:

  • selection of raw materials to be used
  • stone cutting with the thickness and size appropriate to the mosaic to be realized
  • scale drawing
  • gluing of the pieces
  • combination of colors
  • realization of shades
  • Mass posing mosaic

During the training the master mosaic provides individual feedback useful to increase the resources and make up for any problems.

The training course is mainly practical and involves the construction of works, to which, from time to time, are added degree of complexity higher.

The observation phase lasts about a month and it is of paramount importance, as it serves to establish the setting of the training course and to prepare an individual project based on the remaining resources of the individual.

Operators in the laboratory using a "diary" and observation cards.

After the basic introduction to the working of the mosaic and the monitoring period is possible to activate an internship to learn advanced techniques.

The training is a form of learning capable of directly experiencing the work environment. At this stage, the trainee comes into contact with the practices, tools and methods of work and, according to the methodology of learning by doing (learning by doing) develops knowledge and technical skills, professional and social skills (knowledge, skills and interpersonal skills ); spendable in the working world.

Each internship is based on an individualized project that contemplates the development of residual abilities, technical, professional, relational, tutoring and accompanying measures.

Following the internship, it is issued certification of skills, as regional repertoire of skills. The certification is issued in agreement with the Center for Employment with guideline management of the Regional Department of Labor n. 43881tuS1 / 2013 application of the Guidelines regarding internships adopted by the Conference of State dated 24.01.2013.

Field training, with skills acquisition, is ensured by the tutor the trainee technical support, according to a logic of master-apprentice.

Only in some cases the internship evolves in the employment contract, this essentially depends on the orders of the social cooperative "pietrAngolare" and the skills acquired by the individual.

The mentoring relationship is a transversal activity which aims to support the inclusion of users in training and work in production processes, promoting and strengthening the acquisition of skills and social cross.

This action is mainly carried out by an expert (tutor relational) that provides emotional support-motivational.

The tutor monitors the user's path, facilitating the resolution of any difficulties, stimulating empowerment role, respect the rules and working time. The task of the tutor is also to promote the integration capabilities and to build and maintain positive relationships.


    specializes in the processing of marble and modern anti whom, hard stones, terracotta, enamel, glass tesserae, according to an more than manual techniques. Using the above techniques are realized, complementary furniture, floor mosaics, wall mosaics:

    • Modern
    • classics
    • Religious



    Play to the SSIMA definition of photographic images and written on marble, granite, glass and porcelain, through micro-incision and using "Photograb". Technical warran es extreme fidelity to the original and alt SSIMA expressiveness of the figures.


    Profiling, milling, scri ttura, grooving and recess of marble and granite, through the power of the CNC machine "Futura". Realization of:

    • Written Engraved
    • Written survey
    • Written with relief funds 2D
    • Written with relief funds 3D
    • Written relief fund pyramidal
    • Sculptures

Artistic Laboratory Protected

Company social cooperative "pietrAngolare"
Headquarters at: Mondial Granit Spa (See on Google Maps)
SP Comiso / Chiaramonte Km 8.2
97012 Chiaramonte G. (RG)

Registered office:
C.da Mastrella, 281 - 97013 Comiso (RG)
Cell. +39 333 4666394

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